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by | May 18, 2021

Move Shoot Move, find out how to use it.

After having used Move Shoot Move for a long time and with great satisfaction, I decided to write a tutorial on this fantastic star tracker.

Many people have written to me privately asking for opinions and advice on how to use it at its best, so I hope that this little tutorial can clarify doubts and explain how it works.
Move Shoot Move

Move Shoot Move, how to use it?

While I was writing this tutorial, I was in one of the most appropriate places to make the most of the potential of Move Shoot Move. We are on the beautiful island of La Palma, one of the seven Canary Islands and here you can admire one of the most beautiful and dark skies in Europe. Not surprisingly, you will also find here the most important astronomical observatory on our continent.

Using Move Shoot Move is easier than you might imagine. There are two ways of using it depending on the kit you buy. The first involves the use of a very simple laser for polar aiming (Kit B), the second involves the use of a more precise aiming system using a polar viewfinder and a two-axis adjustment base (PRO Kit A), let’s get started!

Move Shoot Move (Kit B)

First of all it is necessary to level our tripod, positioning it properly, in a stable way and well planted on the ground, in order to avoid any possible vibration.

1) If you are using an Arca Swiss head with universal detachment, equip yourself with a base and install it at the base of Move Shoot Move.
2) Insert the star tracker on the spherical head of the tripod, making sure to turn the side with the bubble towards the south and the side with the rotating base towards the north (polar star).
move shoot move
move shoot move tutorial
3) Insert the laser into its base and hook it onto one of the Move Shoot Move sides.
4) Adjust the ball head in such a way that it points the laser beam at the Polaris star (once it is visible, of course).
5) Once you have aligned it with the Polaris star, attach the secondary ball head to the rotating base of Move Shoot Move.
6) Attach your reflex camera to the head you have just mounted and proceed to play as you like. All that’s left to do is switch on your star racker and you’re done!
tutorial msm


Kit B

Rotator (tracker)
Laser Pointer
Laser Pointer Bracket
Power cable (USB-C)
Synchronous Time-Lapse Cable
2 1/4 inch screws

Move Shoot Move (PRO Kit A)

Although we can already achieve excellent results with the laser, we can improve the performance of Move Shoot Move with two additional accessories: the two-axis adjustment base and the polar viewfinder.

1) As already mentioned, it is important to level the tripod (without the head this time) and screw in our adjustment base.
2) Insert the star tracker in the usual direction, i.e. with the bubble facing south and the rotating base facing north (polar star).
msm tutorial
move shoot move how to use
3) Insert the viewfinder or scope sight into the metal bracket and mount it to one side of the Move Shoot Move.
4) We can now tighten the red LED that will allow us to see the graticule inside the viewfinder at its best. The led has a button which, when pressed in sequence, will allow it to be switched on and off and to flash.
5) At this point all that remains is to accurately align Move Shoot Move with the Polaris star. To do this, we use the knobs that allow millimetric accuracy. First, use the one on the back for latitude (vertical axis).
6) At the same time, we use the side knobs to finely adjust the longitude (horizontal axis) in order to correctly position the star at the correct point of the viewfinder.
move shoot move alignment
move shoot move polar scope
7) Download and install the “Polar Scope Aling” app on your smartphone to display the exact position of the Polaris star in real time. The app will automatically use the GPS coordinates and the time for correct calibration according to the geographical point you are at.
8) We look through the reticle inside the viewfinder hooked to Move Shoot Move and, using the previously mentioned knobs, we position the polar star in the same position suggested by the app.
At this point the game is over, all that remains is to mount the secondary head together with the reflex camera and compose our photograph.



Rotator (tracker)
Polar telescope
LED illuminator for telescope
Longitude and latitude adjustment base
Headlamp (red LED)
Power cable (USB-C)
Synchronous Time-Lapse Cable
2 1/4 inch screws

Move Shoot Move (Timelapse Function)

Move Shoot Move also allows you to create beautiful Time Lapse using the rotation of the internal motor, between shots. Let’s find out how to do it!

1) Once again, we need to carefully level our tripod and mount the star tracker directly to the tripod base, in the direction of the rotating base.
2) At the top, we will install the ball head where our SLR camera will be attached.
how to use move shoot move
move shoot move time lapse
3) At this point, you will need to connect the synchronisation cable between the SLR and Move Shoot Move so that the rotation starts exactly between each shot.
4) All that remains is to turn on the device and select the desired speed of rotation depending on the framed scene and the desired effect.
All you have to do now is to mount the head and camera and take your shot.

Final considerations

I hope that this brief tutorial will be of help to those who have some perplexity about the use and the operation of this little jewel! Of course, I am at your disposal for any kind of information or other curiosity about its use.

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