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The universal magnetic filter holder


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H&Y K-Series, practical and versatile

A practical and incredibly versatile photo filter system that you can always carry with you!

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Adaptability and high quality

To all those who are looking for a well-thought-out, high-quality filter system that fits multiple lenses, I can only invite you to take a look at H&Y and what they produce and offer.

Nowadays, there are so many brands and systems of photographic filters on the market and with so many choices it is often difficult to find the right one for us, and above all to find the one that really suits our style and budget.
Depending on how you photograph and how you are used to working during the shooting process, you might prefer a ‘screw’ system rather than a ‘plate’ or even a ‘drop-in’ system.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to try different solutions, but none of them fully satisfied me…until H&Y offered to test their drop-in and magnetic system.

K Series Holder

This special H&Y Holder includes a circular ‘drop-in’ filter, in this case a polarizer. The innovative system allows the polarizer to be positioned behind the plate filters so that they do not have to be removed each time to replace it. In addition to the polarizer, of course, H&Y also offers other filters to fit in this slot, including ND filters and a Star Keeper, used to reduce light pollution in the night sky.

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The company offers different holders depending on your lens. In this case I am talking about the HK-100 system for 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters.

KH100 Holder
67/72/77/82mm rings adapter
95mm Drop-in circular polariser
Light sealing cap
Padded case


How to assemble it

The installation of the H&Y filter holder is incredibly simple. First of all, let me say that the kit comes with 67, 72, 77, and 82 mm adapter rings, which means that you can assemble the holder on all lenses with this thread…a great money saver!

Once you have matched the right ring to your lens (if it has a thread), simply screw it onto the front of the lens and…the job is done!
In the GIF below I employ a ‘bayonet’ adapter ring for my Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 S that H&Y offers for all those lenses without threads.
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Magnetic filters

The special feature of the H&Y plate filters is the magnet that surrounds them. On the one hand it protects the glass and makes the handle easier to hold, and on the other hand it allows the filter to be installed simply by carrying it close to the filter holder.

Up to 3 filters can be stacked thanks to the strong magnet, the first of which can be ‘tightened’ using the small knurled screw.

For my style of photography, I decided to use two filters in particular: ND64 and a GND Soft 0.9, but of course, H&Y offers a wide range of filters to suit every need.

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Design and quality

The aluminium frame is lightweight, solid and versatile! The filter holder is probably one of the best I have ever used and everything works as expected with no surprises.

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Using the polarizer is quick and easy via the adjustment small wheel and it is easily removed or replaced with another drop-in filter without necessarily having to remove the plate filters on the front… a great advantage!
For example, if you decide not to use the polarizer, you can remove it without difficulty and, instead of it, insert the cover provided in the kit to prevent light infiltration.
The quality of the glass id really high and I did not experience any perceptible colour cast or loss of optical performance when using the filters.
Furthermore, I was delighted to note that the risk of fingerprints is greatly reduced thanks to the frame: holding the filter without toughing the glass part will be spontaneous.

Final considerations

This system really impressed me! For a long time, I had been looking for a practical, lightweight, space-saving filter holder that would give me maximum versatility so that I could use it on all my lenses.

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All those like me who do a lot of trekking in search of the best photographic composition or who otherwise need to walk with a light rucksack will understand me!
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Thanks H&Y !


I would like to thank H&Y for giving me the opportunity to test this wonderful product. I have become a happy user because, to my great surprise, it proved to be effective and reliable, but above all, compact!

If you are interested in purchasing or would like to discover the full range of products you can reach the official H&Y website via this convenient button.
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