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In the heart of the Canary Islands.

vulcano teide

Fire Island

The origin of the volcanic type substantially characterizes the landscapes. Its volcano, called “El Teide”, is the third highest in the world with its 3718 meters above sea level. You can get there through the homonymous National Park where all around you can admire an incredible scenery among spectacular rocks, solidified lava plains and a view that resembles Mars. But that’s not all, the Canaries are among the best places on the planet for astronomical observation and, Tenerife, hosts the largest solar observatory in the world.

Teide National Park

My adventure to the heart of the island of Tenerife begins. In these first photos I was at about 2800mt, on the protuberance of one of the many lava craters. All around a dark ground, sometimes ash-colored, which contrasts with the bright green of the Canary Pines, present at this point.

car light trail under tenerife sky

Las Cañadas

Here we are inside the Teide National Park. Below is a beautiful hermitage built in one of the symbolic places, Las Cañadas.

yellow church under night sky

Roques de García

A few meters away there is the most famous place in Tenerife! A group of volcanic rock formations, brightly colored and of the most varied shapes. One of them is “Roque Chincado”, and it is the symbol of the island, represented in the self-timer with the cloak here below.
You can have a lot of fun photographing this part of the park, the compositional opportunities are countless! These photos, in fact, were taken a few meters from each other.

teide national park milkyway
teide by night

You can have a lot of fun photographing this part of the park, the compositional opportunities are countless! These photos, in fact, were taken a few meters from each other.

self portrait with light in my hand under milkyway
Startrail tenerife

Stellar Landscapes

I think it is understood that this place is great for night photography and the sky is among the best for astronomical observation. Up here the visibility is exceptional enough to be able to observe the Milky Way effortlessly even through the naked eye!

milkyway portrait from teide national park
rock under starry sky with dry grass in the ground in tenerife
zapato de la reina

Continuing along the paths, you will come across incredible rock formations, remnants of an eruption of over 2 million years ago, “La Catedral” and“El zapato de la Reina”. There are many legends surrounding these rocks, but one thing is certain, they have an incredible charm.

Milkyway teide national park

Like on Mars

At this particular point in the park, the scenery becomes spectacular to say the least! The whole surrounding landscape is reminiscent of the red planet thanks to countless boulders with typical red-rust colors and endless expanses of lapilli mixed with sand.

flower and milkyway tenerife
tenerife via lattea
tenerife night photography
night photography teide
dry land under milkyway in canary islands

Breathtaking views

Here we continue towards the north of the island, in the photo above I look south where Teide is illuminated by the urban lights of La Orotava, Los Realejos and Puerto de la Cruz.

landscape tenerife
puerto de la cruz

This is my favorite viewpoint! Watching the ocean during the day from this altitude gives a feeling of indescribable freedom, especially at night!

cityscape tenerife

Along the coast

The island of Tenerife offers not only an incredible night sky, but also spectacular views of the sea where you can admire beautiful sunsets with epic colors.

playa los roques tenerife
long exposure at sunset with moon in the sky on benijo beach in tenerife

It’s easy to come across beautiful lighthouses and, in the photo below, a panoramic view, I show one of the most beautiful and impressive sites on a wonderful night where the milky way added even more charm to this place!

tenerife lighthouse
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