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Ladyhawke Castle.

Ladyhawke Castle

Rocca Calascio

The famous and spectacular stronghold of central Italy, dominates the scenery from a good 1460 meters, between the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, in the magnificent Abruzzo region, where it was built between the eleventh and twelfth century for military purposes of defensive nature because of its strategic position. From up here, in fact, you can see an incredible 360-degree panoramic view, in a spiritual context, which literally takes you on a journey back in time.

An enchanted place

The atmosphere here is magical and fascinating, every glimpse leads to the beautiful castle and every corner is the perfect setting for the surrounding landscape. From within the towers of the castle, there is also the one that surrounds the immensity of the universe.

Milkyway rocca calascio
milkyway from the castle

Among the most beautiful in the world

Among the 15 most beautiful castles in the world according to National Geographic, and I wanted to represent it under the entire arc of our galaxy through a 180° panoramic view.

the castle
The numerous ruins scattered around the castle also serve as a perfect frame to immortalize the place under a starry sky.
Milkyway framed
startrail on the castle

A window to the valley

This wonderful place boasts a breathtaking view that can be admired at 360 degrees. Castelvecchio Calvisio is one of the villages that you can see from the fortress and I wanted to frame it with the ruins of the place in a truly exciting nighttime setting.

Abruzzo Italy milkyway
starry sky over ancient stone ruins
night landscape framed by stones
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