Land of fire and ice.


The magical island

Iceland has always been a paradise for every landscape photographer thanks to its spectacles and natural beauty. An island in northern Europe located between Great Britain and Greenland and characterized by remarkable geothermal activity thanks to the volcanoes that have always defined the scenery of this fantastic land. Inside it hosts desert plateaus, mountains and glaciers that give rise to glacial rivers running towards the sea generating, in turn, beautiful waterfalls. To pay homage to this land are the Northern Lights that, thanks to the favorable latitude, the green color of the Icelandic nights!


The mountain also known as “the witch’s hat”, one of the most famous and enchanting locations on the island, my favorite. It welcomes me with snow and ice, conditions that I love. On the front cover, is a shot that I care a lot about, the one that excited me most of all. Below are other shots, the first of which was taken from inside a narrow cave.

snow-capped mountain viewed from an ice cave
Kirkjufellfoss ice sunrise
lake with ice and snow and snowy peaked mountain in iceland


Also one of the most photographed mountains in the world! Here, I waited days for perfect conditions, persistent clouds kept the northern lights hidden and then, at midnight on my birthday, they finally showed up in all their splendor. A gift from Mother Nature ranked among the Top 50 in the most important international competition in the world of panoramic photography: “EPSON PANO AWARDS”.

One of the most beautiful nights of my life. The dance of dawn continued to amaze me all night long while, excited, I made some self-timer to materialize and bring with me those wonderful moments I lived!
aurora boreale selfie
iceland selfie
aurora borealis

An enchanting place

The amazement that this place conveys is so much to be hypnotized. The opportunities for shooting are remarkable and the desire to capture such beauty does not diminish once you set foot in this part of the island.

vestrahorn aurora borealis

A few meters away, the classic sand dunes formed by the wind are typical and distinctive of this place. The dry grass grown on them gives an incredible contrast with the black of the sand and, at night together with the Northern Lights, it is all an explosion of colors and shades.

Vestrahorn stokksnes


One of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in Iceland! Originating from the river Skógaá from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, finds a gap of 60 meters generating one of the many wonders of this island!

skogafoss aurora borealis
iceland waterfall aurora borealis
waterfall iceland

Every corner, a wonder

Every corner of the island can represent an incredible photographic opportunity. Below is “Svartifoss”, a beautiful waterfall enclosed in an untouched natural setting, where the black of basalt, the white of foam and the green of dawn generate amazing chromatic contrasts!

iceland waterfall aurora

Seljalandsfoss, another incredible waterfall that can be crossed at the sides by a path that leads into a cave behind it. A photo taken just in time, while the clouds have allowed a ray of sun to filter and hit the waterfall for a few seconds.



A stacks on the northeast coast. I’ve always been fascinated by this huge spur in the shape of a “drinking dragon”. An indescribable emotion to see the milky way shining in this sky so clear and dark while the Northern Lights reflect on the icy waters!

black rock into the sea under northern lights
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