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World and Natural Heritage of Humanity

dolomiti sorapis dolomites

The Pale Mountains

The famous mountain range of the eastern Italian Alps, has always been a destination for lovers of unspoiled nature and landscape photography. These mountains offer spectacular views full of jagged peaks, pinnacles, glaciers, lakes, forests and valleys. Dolomia, the rock the Dolomites are made of, favors the phenomenon of Enrosadira, an explosion of colors that livens up the mountains when, at sunrise and sunset, the first rays of the sun hit the surface.

The Sorapiss Lake

In my opinion the most beautiful place in the Dolomites! A hidden corner at almost 2000mt reachable through enchanting paths, about a 2-hour walk. It is surrounded by huge mountains, one of which is called “God’s finger” and ends up right in the splending turquoise water of the lake.

lago di sorapis moonlight
sorapis dolomiti

Tre cime di Lavaredo

We approach one of the most famous points, the National Park of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Below, it is photographed from the opposite side from the typical view, capturing the Milky Way and the Christmas comet (46P/Wirtanen), above the peaks.

rifugio auronzo
Further on, the scenery becomes more and more enchanting, especially in winter, where, however, lots of snow and cold temperatures (-20 in the photos) make everything more complicated. But the scenery remains unique and it was an emotional experience for me to see the following photo published on National Geographic’s social media channels!
tre cime di lavaredo
rifugio lavaredo

A place rich in history

Once inside the Park you will be amazed by its beauty, but not only that. There are many caves and tunnels that were dug by the troops during the First World War. The spirituality of the place pushed me to create a series of photos that contained history and nature in a single shot.

cadini di misurina
monte paterno
tre cime di lavaredo cave

There is so much to explore and admire and, this side of the park, amazes thanks to the presence of the source of the river Rienza that flows downstream forming beautiful ponds that look like oases!

lago rienza
tre cime lago rienza
Tre cime sunset
tre cime di lavaredo cloudy and stars

The winter Dolomites

The dolomites are fantastic all year round but, needless to deny it. The winter atmosphere adds an extra touch of magic to these wonderful places and here, in this shot, I wanted to represent one of the most beautiful mountain passes under the arch of the winter Milky Way.

passo sella

I particularly love these moments and living them to the fullest by photographing the winter constellations, from my tent, is what I love most.


Tent and snow
passo falzarego

During the last photo tour held in these magnificent places, the idea of simulating a base camp with tents, between snow and stars, was enthusiastically welcomed by all participants!

passo giau
passo falzarego dolomites

Le Cinque Torri

Small mountain complex in the Ampezzo Dolomites, famous for the harsh clashes between the troops of the Astro-Hungarian Empire and those of the Royal Italian Army during the First World War! Here, too, there are war testimonies of the past such as trenches and military posts. 

cinque torri milkyway
Cinque Torri
trench cinque torri

Lago di Braies

The famous Lake Braies! One of the most appreciated and visited lakes in the world, millions of tourists every year make a trip to see this spectacle nestled in the mountains, which stands out for its emerald color.

lago braies
lago landro
passo delle erbe

Below, some shots taken on the famous Mount Lagazuoi where, at 2800mt, you can admire the highest and most famous peaks of the area!

lagazuoi milkyway
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