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The plateau of flowers.

flowery field with fog and stars

Castelluccio di Norcia

One of the highest inhabited centers of the Apennines, surrounded by a huge plain cultivated by its own residents. Famous for the blossoming fields in June and July, boasting a thousand colors, giving the landscape a picturesque appearance, unique in the world!

One of the magical features of Castelluccio. In the picture on the cover, a panoramic view of the Milky Way while in the fog-filled plain, there is the optical phenomenon called Fog Bow caused by the diffraction of the moonlight.

flowery field with milky way
flowers with castelluccio and sunrise on background

The place gives emotions that can hardly be transmitted through a simple image. Here I decided to spend the night observing that wonderful sky, listening to the cowbells of the distant pastures with the scent of that light and clean air.

camping under the stars in castelluccio
car light trails under milky way
milkyway italy
startrail on castelluccio

During the very first hours of the morning, the plain is covered by dense fog that, seen from above, looks like a huge carpet of clouds with the small village of Castelluccio that shyly emerges. A fairytale moment between delicate colors, warm and cold shades

vallata colma di nebbia che circonda paesino

It was enough to wait a few minutes for the sun to cross the threshold of Mount Vettore to see the fog take on the appearance of pure gold!

village of castelluccio illuminated by the sun
flowery field with mountain veiled by clouds

After that, a wonderful field of cornflowers, the sun was slowly setting, and its weak light filtering through the clouds seemed to caress all those flowers. A fantastic explosion of colors!

cornflowers field with hand touching the sun
cornflowers field at sunset

The sky was covered by clouds and on the horizon you could see the first flashes that let you know rain is coming, however, even in this case, the colors were incredibly fascinating, a condition of light that made all those poppies look like velvet.

poppy field with cloudy sky
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