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My homeland.


Campania Region

It is often thought that the “beautiful” is only found elsewhere, and yet, there are such beautiful and charming places near home! So I decided to collect here only those places close to you that are often ignored.

Here on the cover, a shot taken in the heart of Naples , in the Posillipo district to be precise, at the submerged park of Gaiola where, a short swim from the coast, there is its namesake island, rich in history, charm, and mystery. A place as fascinating as it is romantic.

Punta Campanella

My second home, a place full of charm and surrounded by myths and legends. The meeting point between the Sorrento peninsula and the Amalfi coast, characterized by a strip of land gently sloping down towards the sea and that seems to want to reunite with the beautiful island of Capri, there in front!

Punta Campanella Campania Region

The ancient tower of Minerva, built in 1300, adds value to a breathtaking scenery together with the island of Capri which, with its stacks, makes every moment magical.

punta campanella campania
Capri island and Orion costallation
Capri island and startrail

The favorable geographical positioning of this place, moreover, favors astronomical observation! In 2018, I chose this very place to photograph the total eclipse of the moon.

Moon eclipse
isola di capri campania
Punta campanella

Laceno, Irpinia

Laceno, a truly enchanting place in the heart of Irpinia. When I can, I visit, with great pleasure, these places to spend the night in a tent at the lake or at the top of Mount Raiamagra, in the beautiful Canadian cottage used as a refuge.

Milkyway and fog
Milkyway and lake
Canadian refuge
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