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Feisol CT-3442 Tournament Tripod


As you know, the tripod is one of the most important tools for a photographer, amateur or not. Relying on a good tripod is very important, especially when taking long exposures during which any small vibration can compromise the entire work.

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Perfect for adventures!

An equally important factor to take into account when choosing a tripod is its weight!

In this regard, today I want to talk about the Feisol CT-3442, my favourite and the ideal companion I have always wanted for my adventures!

This particular model is one of the most exclusive tripods on the market thanks to its compactness and extreme lightness, without sacrificing stability! A perfect combination for frequent travellers or long treks in the mountains.


Carbon fibre construction
Load capacity of 25kg (55 lbs)
Weight 1.14kg (2.51 lbs)
Maximum height 140cm (50.12 inch)
Minimum height 49cm (19 inch)
Minimum height (legs open) 17cm (6.69 inch)
Number of sections 4
Section diameter 28mm (1.10 inch)


The tripod is sold without the centre column.
(optional item which can be purchased on the official Feisol website)

How it looks like

Our tripod is delivered in a well sealed box with the unmistakable company logo. You will find the Feisol CT-3442, inside a comfortable shoulder bag for extra protection during transport.

Move Shoot Move
Move Shoot Move


The design of the Feisol CT-3442 Tournament speaks for itself. Just like all Feisol products, it has an incredibly clean and minimalist aesthetic line, I would dare say classy, in my humble opinion.

feisol CT-3442
Move Shoot Move

Personally I love simple things because I think they are the most functional and this tripod is the proof. A very simple and neat line, with no unnecessary or bulky elements, certainly facilitates actions in the field where every manoeuvre must be done as quickly as possible, especially when the weather is capricious.

feisol CT 3442 tripod 1

The 67mm base features a “spider” structure that we usually only see on heavier studio tripods and is equipped with a 3/8″ pin that allows the use of even generously sized ball heads like the CB-50DC, useful when using heavy equipment.

The outstanding aspect of this tripod is its excellent height-to-weight ratio. This is one of the few lightweight tripods that can bring a camera up to eye level for most people, without having to extend a wobbly centre column (which I always advise against).

Material and Construction

Made almost entirely from carbon fibre, the Feisol CT-3442 weighs just 1.14kg, which is lighter than my typical Nikon D750 and Tamron 15-30 combo!

The low weight, in this case, does not translate into instability, quite the contrary! Each lock, leg and lever are beautifully built and give a real feeling of robustness even in the most complex situations.
I have used my Feisol in several extreme situations, from the sand of the Canary Islands to the ice of the Dolomites during the winter. Dirt, dust and especially sand are a tripod’s worst enemies, as it can get inside the legs when they are extended or retracted. In this case, I have never had any problems whatsoever!

Functionality and usability

Just like the company’s entire range, the Feisol CT-3442 uses the twist-lock approach to extend each leg section. There are 4 leg sections in total and I find it to be the perfect compromise between stability and portability. At the end of the legs are 4 non-slip rubber pads suitable for most surfaces; however, FEISOL also provides metal spikes in different sizes, which can be purchased on the website. I chose this model (see ), which is particularly good on the ground and on ice!


Four sections

The smaller the number of leg sections of the tripod, the less likely it is to flex or vibrate while fully extended. On the other hand, the more leg sections the tripod has, the less likely it is to bend. Three leg sections equals strength and stability, 5 leg sections equals a very compact tripod. The Feisol CT-3442 is in the middle!

Another feature that most Feisol tripods have is the ability to reverse the legs 180° from their original position. This is useful when travelling with a head attached to the tripod. Flipping the legs over the ball head means saving the extra height of the head (potentially another 10 or 12 cm).


The Feisol CT-3442 has 3 default leg angles of 25, 50 and 75 degrees. This is useful when you need some extra stability or need to lower the tripod height without affecting the length of the leg sections.

The leg angle selectors are a real highlight. Unlike other awkward solutions, Feisol employs levers that can be easily disengaged with a simple press of the thumb. This makes it much quicker and easier to adjust the leg angles and if you do a lot of shooting at low angles or awkward spots, this will be a huge advantage.

One of my favourite features of this tripod is that it doesn’t have a centre column (which can be purchased separately). This means you can bring the camera almost completely to ground level, which is essential for my style of photography.


Final words

I use this tripod on every adventure, trip or outing I go on and I’m really happy with it! It has proven time and time again to provide me with all the stability I need, even on the windiest of days.

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What I love most about the Feisol CT-3442 is that it is incredibly light for its size and scope. I often find myself going on long treks or demanding mountain tours in the beloved Dolomites, and it’s really a pleasure to be able to count on this feature!


  • It is light and fits perfectly in the backpack
  • More stable than you would expect from its weight
  • Not afraid of cold, ice, sand
  • The opening of the legs and the absence of the central column allows you to set up almost at ground level
  • Leg locks are smooth and fast
  • Comes with a bag for protection


I usually like to find a couple of flaws because we all know that perfection does not exist. However, in this case I am trying too hard! I have been using it for 2 years now and have never had any problems.

Thanks FEISOL !


I would like to thank Feisol for giving me the opportunity to discover this wonderful product. I have become a happy user because it has proved to be the perfect companion for my outdoor adventures!

As always, if you have any questions about this tripod, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

If you are interested in buying, use the code “MAURO5” during checkout to get a 5% discount, take advantage of it!




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